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John Freidland creating 3DX-art for mature adults. Dickgirls, lesbians, anthropomorphics and more ... NSFW ?  Yes, definitely !


April 18, 2018 - Two options.

As I see it, you have two options ...

1/ You rip the reduced size, lo-res and watermarked images off of my site - something I can not prevent you from doing.

2/ Or, you buy the large size, hi-res and non-watermarked images in my collections. You get 10 of them for US$ 10.00 - or equivalent in Euro's.

Your choice !

--- John ---


April 11, 2018 - Racked.

Added to gallery.


--- John ---


April 8, 2018 - Them MILFs ...

... and work on Colletion 5 is launched.

Added to gallery.

--- John ---


April 7, 2018 - Collection 4

Collection 4 did and done. Added to Shop

--- John ----


April 4, 2018 - Between Thighs

Niume and Tara finding new pleasures.

Added to gallery.

From Collection 4 - almost done.

One more to go - - - and the weather forcast for the next coulple days say "dull" ... :)

--- John ----


March 17, 2018 - Tara-Niume TF

Tara + Niume = Anything goes !

Added to Gallery.



--- John ----


March 11, 2018 - Working

Working on Collection 4 ...



I have kept submitting images to: Hentai Foundry

The gallery works just fine for it's purpose but they are not in any particular hurry.

So there are sample images from my collections in my own Gallery not present at Hentai Foundry.

Since submissions can be stuck in their approval queue for rather a long time and I don't submit anything more until I've got my latest submission approved - or rejected - there is an inevitable time lapse at play ...

So to stay in tune - check this site.


--- John ----


March 3, 2018 - Collection 3

Long time since, but now Collection 3 is finished and added to the Shop.



--- John ----


Jan 30, 2018 - Decision !

So - the decision is made.

I will stop using other sites for selling erotic artwork. All other sites than this - my own domain.

But the big question here is if this erotic artwork thing is going to survive at all. At present I have no answer to that. Perhaps not. Maybe I'll keep it going as a secondary activity. Something to do when there's nothing else on the schedule. A thing to poke with on rainy days to come.

However, I will have to favour other projects with a back end. Projects that bring some income.

I will keep this site running for the time being and when I bring something new to the table, it will primarely be reflected here - on this site.

So the products in the shop stay as is and new collections will be added - when I have something to add.

Time will tell ...

--- John ----


Dec 12, 2017

Merry Christmas

Make my bell jingle ...

--- John ---


Dec 9, 2017

My Own Domain

Now why should I go and pull off a crazy ass stunt like (re-)launching my own domain ?

Well, I've been around for long enough to have tried them all. Wordpress, Blogger, Hentai Foundry, various Online Galleries, Renderotica, Patreon, Tumblr and on, and on, and on... constantly hitting brick walls with my face.

Everything from stopped working, not liking how I watermark images, not being enough, over to constant threats of having the plug pulled on my account and how "explicit content" (NSFW's) is handled, distributed and displayed.

So I think that having my own domain and using a dedicated adult provider is crucial. If - or when - everything else fails, I still have a place to display my artwork at.

And hopefully sell some of my collections ... ;)

I am at no length any webdesigner, so you'll have to do with things as they come, sice I can only do what I know.

Now please scroll down to se a word on image formats and resolution.

--- John ---


Dec 8, 2017

Format and Resolution

From the extended stats of the websites I'm present at, I've learned that most people visit and view my artwork with "scratchboards" (Pads) and cellphones.

The problem with devices like these is that there is no set standard for display resolution. Every manufacturer mean that what they are making respectively, is the standard. So there are as many standards as there are manufacturers.

The closest thing I've come to any set standard is HD, but the problem is that there are many HD definitions - go figure... But one of them is 1280x720 pxl - landscape format.

So I seem to have to set a "standard" of my own here and I use my 24-inch monitor as the device to do so. If I make an image 1200 pxl (longest side), it displays really well on my monitor.
And the same dimension should fit within the displays of most of the modern devices currently in use.

I mean - why should I put time and effort into making large ass renders, taking several days to do, and high fucking resolution output if it is all lost in translation ... transfer ... transform ..?

It only adds a lot to rendertime and workload and in the end run - noone will see it in anyways.

So - from now on, 1200 pxl it is !

--- John ---


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