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John Friedland Art creating 3DX art for mature adults. Dickgirls, bondage, lesbians, anthromorphics and more.
Possibly all at the same time.
Yupp - definitely.

There is a gallery with free artwork.
Images are scaled down, watermarked, low resolution and low quality samples.

If you want Hi-res, Hi-quality artwork whithout any watermarks - check out the Patreon site
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Dec 7, 2018 - Welcome over !

Yes, we have avoided the Tumblr turmoil, we will keep going and we have moved things over to our own domain - JohnFriedlandArt.com.

There are some rescue plans in motion to have places for former NSFW-bloggers on Tumblr to go to.
Will be interesting to see what they may bring in the future but for now we'll stay right here.

We will start things slow and easy and hopefully build up momentum as we go. I am in no way any web designer at all, so I have to make do with what I know. At least in the beginning of things, so please bear with me.


There are some free artwork (watermarked) in the Gallery. Shops are not ready to launch yet but you are most welcome to have a look-see at the free artwork on this site.

- John -


John Friedland Art have a site over at Patreon.

Check out the site:

John Fridland Art